Popular Amongst DMA CFD Traders?

The webiress trading platform has been available since 2000 however it was not always a DMA CFD platform, it was only in late 2003 that the platform was adapted to suit CFD trading. Early adopters of the platform led its development and in doing so forged a new wave of trader, the DMA CFD trader.

Prior to webiress the only DMA CFD trading platform available was complicated and clunky, the webiress trading platform set the new benchmark for DMA CFD trading amongst retail investors in Australia. Only recently the DMA CFD offering on the webiress trading platform has expanded beyond DMA Invexeo on Australian stocks to include CFDs on stocks listed in the US and on a number of European exchange as well as forex and indices.

As the webiress trading platform is web-based it can be accessed from any computer with internet access, this means it can be used from behind a firewall in an office or form an internet cafe. The superior mobility of the platform has made it extremely popular amongst casual as well as professional traders.

It is not only the mobility of the platform and range of products offered that makes webiress popular amongst DMA CFD traders but it is also its speed, functionality and ease of use. The webiress trading platform is one of the fastest DMA CFD trading platforms available, orders are executed in less than one tenth of a second, substantially faster than most other platforms. The platforms speed combined with its vast array of order types including trailing stop-loss orders and contingent orders make it the perfect platform for active traders.

The webiress trading platform also has a few great features including the market map and the ability the see the complete market depth and course of sales for share CFDs, most platforms restrict market depth to five levels and course of sales to the last one hundred trades. The market map is especially useful as it provides a visual representation of the stocks that are moving within a particular sector and the market capitalisation of the stock relative to the sector. Traders often use the market map to identifying undervalued stocks within a sector.

As the CFDs traded on the webiress platform are DMA all of your order orders are transmitted directly to the exchange order book of the stock over which the CFD is based. Being able to participate in the market of the underlying instrument means that you can be a price maker and trade in the opening and closing phases of the market which are typically the phases of the market where most volume occurs, this means more trading opportunities.

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