Recipes for Face Masks: Let Nature Do All the Work!

Facial masks are not just for refreshing the outer skin and มาร์คหน้า making it look younger and healthy, but it also relaxes us. Do not waste your time and money in beauty parlors when you can get a transformation at your home using ingredients in your kitchen to make recipes for Face Masks. To get rid of contamination and damage caused by chemicals, the secret is to create your own face mask.

This task can treat acne and other skin problems. I will provide one of the most common homemade Face Masks today. These include banana-avocado mask, a combination of banana, avocado, yogurt and coconut oil; tomato-lemon mask : a mixture of ripe tomato, of lemon juice, and helping; peach mask : composed of peach, ovum white, and yogurt and honey-almond mask : combination of honey, ovum yolk, almond oil and yogurt.

There are unique Face Masks such as the farmer’s wife secret, bumblebee, marvelous green face, and no monkey business. This first one, farmer’s wife secret mask is a combination of ovum whites and cornstarch. Bumblebee mask is a mixture of dried milk, ovum yolk, and honey, marvelous green face : combination of helping, avocado and honey, and no monkey business mask is a mixture of banana, honey and sour cream.

You must think of different skin types when these facial mask recipes. For oily skin, Milk of Magnesia best fits such skin. For fairly neutral skin, a mixture of ovum, helping, and coconut oil and for dry skin, combine ovum yolk, honey, coconut oil, vitamin e antioxidant oil. Then, apply all these recipes according to your skin type.

Honey is considered to be the best, but you can also use other ingredients depending on your preference. Face Masks include apple mask, avocado mask, banana honey yogurt facial mask, cornmeal mask, cucumber yogurt facial mask, and ovum almond facial mask. Chocolate face mask moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and glowing. It is commonly composed of cocoa powder dust that protects the skin from free radicals. A false idea is that chocolate is one of the reasons for acne. Well, cosmetic dermatologists say that the milk added to the chocolate is explanation for acne.

Make sure apply those recipes after removing your complete make up and clean up on your face. While waiting for the mask to alleviate your face, you can listen to music and rest for relaxation. What a lovely treat after having a difficult or even easy day.

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