The Grape Harvest Happening in Mendoza

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Each year, Argentina, and in special the city of Mendoza, holds a large get together in honor of wine and wine makers. It is the Grape Harvest happening. It is the most important show that develops in the world in honor of the wine. It consists of some demonstrates occur in all of the 15 division in Mendoza starting in Jan and finishing in Goal climaxing in a large national visit to the main city.

The main show develops at the Greek Theater Frank Romero Day, the biggest attraction of the happening. Every year an original and musical spectacle is produced, with incredible light and sound files, with many actresses and dancers on a huge stage. The storyline is about the grape harvest and consistently improves the Virgen de la Carrodilla. The show always ends with the political election of the National Harvest Queen and a 20 minute firework and music show. One thing is definite, while this happening is taking place, it will be difficult to get anywhere near Mendoza a hotel with nonincome producing rooms. Therefore, make your booking now, this is a show that cannot be missed.

Annually, at the beginning of Goal, almost uninterruptedly since 1936, Mendoza renews a holiday, the Grape Harvest happening. This is the main celebration for Mendoza, and it is the tribute that a Mendoza’s people dedicated to their main industry, the wine. The harvest time is the time to collect the grapes. It is why shows begin in the months of Jan and February, the period of the year when the grapes are collected from the vineyards. First, in all of the counties of Mendoza a number of shows occur, where the candidates for national queen of the Grape Harvest show will be selected from. This rite refers to the time when, in the vineyard the work ended and the most beautiful harvester was elected.

The show happens during the months of Jan and February, climaxing in the night of the Central Act in early Goal. The main parts of the celebrations are: “Blessing of the Fruit”, “White Way of Queens”, “Carousel” and, as mentioned, “Central Act”, which includes this year a second and third nights of shows including international artists and a fireworks show. Book now in Mendoza your hotel room, and rejoice in the blessings of Heredity.

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