Vivo has pumped out a lot of smartphones one the market this year, After all literally a lot of smartphones one the market!

Now, just as the year is about to close, Vivo presented us with another mobile phone – the VIVO V17. I hope this Chinese mobile phone maker has finally decided rough the competition with the VIVO V17. Come to think about it, one can’t really pin the consequence on Vivo. Look around and companies including Realme and Redmi are still launching devices.

Thanks to this competition, consumers are now pampered for choice. We not only get flagship features packed in an affordable price, but we also get a large design palette to choose from!

VIVO V17 review: Enjoy its fancy looks and decent camera, but that is all about it
VIVO V17 comes in two colour variants —Midnight Marine and Glacier Ice.

The VIVO V17 was launched first in the Philippines, with a diamond-shaped camera element. This has been a strange design call. For the Indian market, however, that design has been ditched and the VIVO V17 features a block camera element.

For starters, the VIVO V17 does not bring anything new to the table. But it is a good camera phone for its price. So let’s see if you should invest in this mobile phone.

Design is a good guy, but wow that stunning blue gradient – just wow!
The VIVO V17 comes in two colour variants — Night Marine and Glacier Ice. I happen to offer the Night Marine variant. I will describe it as elegant even though the plain black with some dark blue may appear as boring to some. It’s really a subtle combination of blue and black that i personally find very attractive. Although the phone has a plastic back, thanks to its premium design, it does not look dull. It is lightweight (176 g) and not at all smooth — making it really easy to hold. Initially, I had an apprehension that since it has a huge battery of 4, 500 mAh, it will be heavy but it is surely incorrect.

VIVO V17 features a 6. 44-inch hole-punch display and has an E3 Super AMOLED panel.
VIVO V17 features a 6. 44-inch hole-punch display and has an E3 Super AMOLED panel.

As for the camera, the mobile phone has an “L” designed quad rear-camera setup at the back that is nestled in a block element. It doesn’t have a big camera run so that is also a plus point here.

There is no denying the fact that Vivo has been the torchbearer in the “No notch” innovation that completely outclassed the mobile phone industry this year. In the VIVO V17 Pro, the company went all out and launched the first-ever dual selfie mobile phone camera. With VIVO V17, it has announced the tiniest hole-punch camera which is quite impressive. I actually did not notice it after having a certain period of usage.

Vivo quad camera setup
VIVO V17 has an “L” designed quad rear-camera setup at the back.

The mobile phone features a 6. 44-inch hole-punch display and has an E3 Super AMOLED panel. The display is totally beautiful and provides an edge-to-edge experience with punchy colours. You’ll love binge-watching your favourite shows on it. The device features a good-old-fashioned 3. 5 mm headphone jack, so that is great news.

Vivo-V17 ports
The device features a good-old-fashioned 3. 5 mm headphone jack.

VIVO V17 comes with a in-display fingerprint sensor and face unlock option.

Surreal sunlight images but the night mode is no head-turner
The VIVO V17 sports a quad rear-camera setup that includes a 72 MP primary camera with an f/1. 8 aperture, 8 MP sensor with f/2. 2, 2 MP sensor with f/2. 4 for bokeh and depth effect and a 2 MP macro camera with f/2. 4. The device has a 32 MP front camera.

The shots i always visited in well-lit settings were absolutely fantastic. The clarity, colours, exposure and details, everything was up to the mark. Although you will find that the same clarity is not captured when you use the wide-angle lens. The Bokeh mode is also a cherry on top as it manages the focus quickly and clicks stunning images, even in low light settings.

VIVO V17 sports a 32 MP front camera.
VIVO V17 sports a 32 MP front camera.

The Portrait mode is also good in terms of edge sensors and details. You will also get a handful of good filtration system for clicking portrait shots.

The problem arises with “Night mode”. You start with front side camera, the night mode selfies are a big no as it does not capture details properly and Exercise do not see a point in “night mode” for selfies. It is a big red cross for me. I would rather choose to click selfies in the normal mode, than in gray lighting as it uses its flash to give sharp and good quality pictures.

Moving to the “Night mode” of the raise camera, the pictures were good in terms of lighting. It balances the light and dark areas but the image weren’t getting details when zoomed in. And it gets worse if you are taking wide-angle shots in night mode. They appeared blurry as it weren’t getting details.

Click here to see more camera samples:

Old school processor with better battery
The VIVO V17 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 that offers smooth performance. You can switch between apps and multitask without observing any lag. But hello? Did we just forget that the Vivo U20 has the same processor, that too when it sells at a starting price of just Rs 10, 990?

One thing that became a go out is its sound quality. Even though the quantity offered is pretty loud, the quality did not suit to my expectations. In terms of purity, the display offers good purity outdoors as well.

Both the features are really quick but the face unlock feature struggles in low light settings. So i will suggest you opt for the in-display fingerprint sensor instead. The mobile phone is not waterproof so you might want to be careful there.

Vvio V17-logo
The VIVO V17 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 that offers smooth performance.

A valuable thing is that the company has chopped off the old micro-USB port and introduced a USB-C port in the phone and to top it off, it supports 18W fast charge. Bad news? It still charges slowly. The mobile phone charged only 35% in half-hour. Exercise found it underwhelming.

The device doesn’t heat up while charging or playing games or using the phone for a long time so that is a relief.

Since the phone is packed with a 4, 500 mAh battery, it doesn’t depletion quickly and will easily last you for a day. It is a run from the VIVO V17 Pro that has a 4, 100 mAh battery.

The storage and RAM that the mobile phone offers is good — 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. In the SIM tray, you will get dual nano-SIM pai gow poker along with a dedicated microSD card slot machine.

The VIVO V17 runs on Vivo’s FunTouch OPERATING-SYSTEM 9. 2 based on Robot 9 Pie. As always, there is no request drawer and for those major features like purity, Wi-Fi, camera, dark mode, you will have to swipe up and for announcements you have to swipe down, this can be confusing if you are not a Vivo user. Advertisements are something you will have to deal with on a daily basis with FunTouch OPERATING-SYSTEM. I am not saying that these ads will pop up every now and then but they will usually. So if you are okay with that aspect, that is fine. Exercise do not notice as a deal-breaker.

Worth buying?
In a price-sensitive market like mine, VIVO V17 with a price tag of Rs twenty-two, 990, is not at all cheap. After all look at its competitors. VIVO V17 will lock horns with the likes of the Realme XT, Realme X2 and Redmi K20. In terms of specifications Realme X2, launched recently in Of india, has a clear edge as it has an 8 GB RAM variant, sixty-four MP quad camera setup, Snapdragon 730G chipset, 4, 000 mAh battery with 30W fast charge support and it is priced below the VIVO V17, at 19, 999.

Realme XT also wins the battle in terms of specs but as mentioned in our review, the camera was not that impressive. The 8 GB RAM variant of Realme XT will set you back Rs 15, 999.

VIVO V17 costs Rs twenty-two, 9990 and offers 8 GB RAM + 128 GB internal storage.

It is simple math concepts, people. The vivo v17 can be a viable alternative to the Redmi K20 as it is not available in the 8 GB RAM variant. Besides that, Redmi K20 is good in all terms, be it camera, processor and even its design will not let you down. But to be honest, a 6 GB RAM phone with the rest comparable still adds up to a good choice.

Long story short, the VIVO V17 has been said for those users who want a decent camera mobile phone with a long lasting battery and they are okay to spend more to get it. You can also go for the device if you prioritise the looks of a phone. The notch-haters can also ponder over it as has a really tiny notch. These are the major takeaways here.

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